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We are pleased to offer foundational extended skills development and training opportunities for your puppy.  Participation in formal sessions of specific curriculum with outlined goals/objectives correlated with the puppy’s ability and attention span begins at 7 weeks of age.

Goal – Individualized program of desired duration gives your puppy a solid foundation.

Communication – Keeping you appraised throughout training of your puppy’s progress.

Written Report – Detailed summary of training procedures and puppy’s level of achievement for each skill/command.

Transition At Pickup – Directions given for your home environment for the absolute best transition results.

Ongoing Support – To assist with questions after puppy arrives at home.


Program Options

Stepping Stones

3 Week Foundations Program

Skills Development includes, potty training basics, discourage biting, chewing and jumping, confidence with loud noise, car travel, ascending/descending stairs, relaxation during grooming and water play.

Socialization: Exposure/ playtime with children and adults, playtime with other dogs and awareness of cats, chickens, rabbits, horses and cows. 

Basic Obedience: Sit, Off, Come to name, sound of disapproval and introduction to Stay.

In addition, your puppy will be  crate trained 7 hours at night and 2 hours during the day and will be introduced  to leash/harness walking and learning beginning leash walking behaviors such as sitting and waiting while stopping


5 Week Foundations Program

This program builds upon the the Stepping Stones 3 week program.

Your puppy will continue to be challenged in his skills development and socialization with increased exposures.

Basic Obedience will add here/come without name called first, increased duration of Stay command, Drop It and Kennel.

Your puppy will be crated trained 8 hours at night and 3 hours during the day and will learn to walk with a loose lead on the harness.


8 Week Intermediate Program

As your puppy grows, they will continue to be challenged through every day skills development and socialization.

Your puppy will be crate trained through the night and 4 hours during the day.

We will continue to increase time and duration on previously learned obedience commands and he will learn Heel, Let’s Go, Back, and will be introduced to Place.

He will learn to walk at heel on a loose lead and will follow appropriate sidewalk manners


13 Week Advanced Program

Our advanced program works on solidifying everything they have learned up to this point in training.

You puppy will be fully crate trained and will be ready to transition out of the crate should you chose to do that once your puppy transitions to your home.

He will be able to walk at heel on a loose lead and will also learn to walk off leash.

Most importantly, we will focus on working toward mastery of all 10 AKC Canine Good Citizen goals.

  • Accepting a Stranger
  • Sitting politely
  • Appearance and Grooming
  • Walking at heel on a loose lead
  • Walking through a crowd
  • Sit and down command and staying at place
  • Coming when called
  • Appropriate reactions to unknown dogs
  • Appropriate Reaction to distraction.

Stepping Stones

Completion Age: 10 Weeks

Cost: $2000.00


Completion Age: 12 Weeks

Cost: $2750.00


Completion Age: 15 Weeks

Cost: $3500.00


Completion Age: 20 Weeks

Cost: $4500.00

Customized Training Program

We also offer a customized Training Program option.  This program is tailored especially to your family’s individual needs and desired pick up date.  We are able work on specific goals for families with Special Needs!  Contact us for more information and pricing.

ENROLLMENT: In order to ensure the availability of the intensive time resources for each puppy, the number of puppies enrolled from each litter is limited – so reserve your space today!

Enrollment deposit is requested shortly after the puppies are born with additional payments based on duration of program and final payment due upon graduation.


Meet Our Trainer
Training Photo

In addition to her background in working with animals that culminated in the pursuit of dog training, she brings 15+ years of classroom experience as an autism specialist.

Her enjoyment of dogs began early in life, and Amy says what makes her job so fulfilling is “Each puppy has their own distinct disposition. I really enjoy getting to know them as individuals, discovering what makes each of them unique and then developing a plan to unlock their full potential.  A real differentiation of the Doradoodles™ program is that I am involved in the puppy’s life beginning at birth.”

Testimonials courtesy of Cottage Gardens Puppy Academy.

Trails 5 Week Program
Duke is doing so well! We are hopelessly in love with him. He has the best personality and is such a good, loving, playful boy. He's a wonderful pup and the training you provided has him off to a great start. We are so grateful for him! Elizabeth - TN
Summit 13 Week Program
Grady is an amazing dog and is so wonderful with our son. He has been doing the "pressure" command for our son without even being asked, he just picks up on his needs and does it. Your 13 week training program has certainly given him the foundations we needed as a family with a son with Autism. Rachel - NJ
Peaks 10 Week Program
Jake is enjoying Colorado and making lots of friends. He is amazingly gentle with small children. Everyone remarks of what a chill and good puppy he is. He gets a lot of compliments on the trails we walk. There are some off leash and he is doing well with his recall work. Thanks so much for getting him off on a good start. I am enjoying him so much. Lisa and Jake - CO
Stepping Stones 3 Week Program
Boomerang is as perfect as we ever imagined she could be. She is so loved and has adjusted wonderfully to our family life. Thank you so much for helping her have a great foundation. We lover her so much and could not be happier! Jen - CT
Custom Training Program
Amy is a wonderful trainer, and we were lucky to have our puppy train with her. Maeve was a breeze and fit into our household routine immediately. Her ability to follow commands was and is unshakeable without us having to do any additional training. It is wonderful having an older potty trained and crate trained puppy! Jill - VA
Custom Training Program
Thanks to Amy, when I picked up Kai at 4 months old, she was already adjusted to my schedule, slept though the night (thank goodness), was both crate and potty trained, obeyed a variety of commands, and knew how to play fetch on land and in water like a pro. I can't put into words how much easier this made my life as a full time college student. Not only did Kai's training mold her into a remarkably smart dog, but it also saved me from a lot of sleep deprivation and frustration that I otherwise would have had to endure. I could not thank you enough for my best friend! Taylor - FL
Custom Training Program
Bookie has made a great transition home. We decided to have him sleep in a crate in the master bedroom from day 1 and he is content all night long. He has learned to use the dog door and where his potty place is. He is consistent with the commands you taught him sit, off, down, stay. We couldn't be happier with his temperament! He is easy going and takes everything in stride. Thank you so much for giving him such a solid foundation! Elizabeth - AZ
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