Meet Our Dogs

where excellence meets elegance – the perfect doodle dog!

A Ridge Valley Doradoodle® is a cross between two exceptional  breeds – the Original Cottage Garden Goldador and a Moyen Poodle.  Our goal was to create the perfect Doodle from the two most beloved retriever lines — the Golden and the Lab — keeping the integrity of both through using Goldadors.  Our Doradoodle® will possess the physical and temperamental characteristics of the Goldador but with a low to non-shedding, hypo-allergenic coat.  They are laid-back, highly intelligent puppies who are easily trained –  making great companions as family and service dogs.  

Our Doradoodle® puppies would be considered F1 Doodles.  They will be 50% Goldador and 50% Moyen Poodle.  We chose the Moyen Poodle in keeping with the size and coloring of our Goldador girls.  When mixed with a Poodle, they will have a coat that is considered low to non-shedding with increased hypoallergenic qualities.*   Our Doradoodle® is a great option for someone with allergies or households who prefer a low to non-shedding dog.

As with their parent breeds, Ridge Valley Doradoodles are happiest when integrated into the lives and activities of their families. They are an outstanding choice for first-time dog owners and families with children and will thrive in the homes of singles and retirees as well.  Their loyalty/devotion and intelligence is unparalleled. All of our dogs have exceptional pedigrees and are AKC registered. 


*All dogs shed their coat (even Poodles), however, because they have hair instead of fur there will be minimal to no shedding.  No dog can be claimed to be 100% non-shedding and hypo-allergenic.

F1 Goldador Doodle Coat Types

Wavy Coat

Long Full Coat

 Low to Non- Shedding

Flat Coat

Medium Length Flat

Low Shedding

Straight Coat

Short Straight Coat

Low-Moderate Shedding


OFA Heart: HY-CA4066/14F/P-NOPI

Hips-Elbows-Eyes: Cleared by Parentage

Weight: 55lb

Ellagance, “Ella”  embodies the beauty of a Goldador with her loving demeanor, mesmerizing eyes and pleasing attitude. She is a very obedient girl who loves to play with toys and nap at our feet.  Ella is a true companion and nothing short of excellence!

Ella is a Cottage Garden Bobbin and Hunt Daughter.


OFA Heart: HY-CA4427/15F/P-NOPI

Hips-Elbows-Eyes: Cleared by Parentage

Weight: 50lbs

Jade is pure adventure!  She is fun loving and everyones best friend!  Jade enjoys long walks, playing with toys and sometimes simply being lazy! 

Jade is a Cottage Garden Tilly and Hunt Daughter.


OFA Heart: HY-BCA4553/12F/P-NOPI

Hips-Elbows-Eyes: Cleared by Parentage

Weight: 55lbs

Ivy is pure joy! She is a gorgeous girl that loves life! Ivy is everyones friend and enjoys to go for walks and play fetch!

Ivy is a Cottage Garden Ruffles and Copper Daughter.


OFA Heart: PO-BCA436/13M/P-NOPI

Apricot Moyen Poodle

Weight: 35lbs   Stands: 19″

Genetic Testing: Clear for Comprehensive Poodle Panel

Von Willebrand: Negative


Traveler exemplifies intelligence and obedience and is a dog that  is always by your side.  He enjoys interacting with people of all ages!