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    Exceptional Health

Our holistic approach focuses on maintaining vibrant health through natural rearing practices – we believe there is no substitute for a species-appropriate diet, and abundance of room to run and play, fresh air, mountain spring water and sunshine.  And we are blessed to live in a beautiful country setting that enables us to provide this wonderful environment for our dogs.

The link below provides a wealth of information/insight into our natural rearing philosophies.


Here at Ridge Valley Doradoodles we have a specifically developed program for raising our puppies.  Our protocol utilizes Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), providing gentle stressors during days 3-16 for a brief period of time. The purpose for this is to improve their stress response later in life. We also expose our puppies at this age to various scents through Early Scent Introduction. The range of experiences through ESI helps them become more confident and well adjusted as they grow. In addition, we also begin sound desensitization at three weeks old, introducing our puppies to various sounds that they will hear throughout life!


From birth, our puppies are greatly loved and given lots of individualized attention to maximize successful attainment of age-appropriate intellectual and sensory development.  We highly integrate puppies into daily routines that include walks around the hillside with opportunities for water play, digging and stick collecting.


We have a well-rounded and diverse team of adults and children who participate in puppy socialization.  Our adult dogs, cats (Tapp and Henry), rabbits, chickens, horses and cows also fill important roles in this process.


Exposure to a multitude of sensory stimuli including short car trips and experiencing multiple sights, sounds and smells during their time with us assures a confident puppy who is ready to integrate into your home and family with ease.

Quality Nutrition

We believe that high quality nutrition is extremely important in the growth and development of healthy puppies.  Our puppies are given the best nutritional start possible because we feed a combination of raw and premium human-grade formulas of adult/puppy kibble.  Good nutrition during gestation and after birth is crucial to the foundational building blocks of health that positively impact your puppy’s lifetime health.

Introduction to pureed food begins at 3 weeks old as part of a gradual weaning schedule determined by their mother which results in weaning by 7 weeks of age.

Vaccine Protocol

Careful selection of a core vaccine schedule is a foundational component of canine health and longevity!  We care about the lifetime health of our puppies and consider it our responsibility to minimize immune system assaults that could lead to diseases including cancer and allergies in the future.


Our recommended vaccine protocols are based on extensive reserach and the advice of immunization experts.  You will be provided with lots of information to assist in making the choices you feel are best for your puppy.

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