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Goldador Doodles, a Golden Lab Mix are known for their laid back family dog temperament. 

They are super smart and make amazing family and work dogs. 

They are NOT high energy like the typical Goldendoodle or Labradoodle!

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Ivy & Dash/Traveler – Dual Sired Litter*

Due: May 15-20, 2024

Ready: July 6, 2024

Available: Male and Female Reservations

Breeders Reserve: Available

Price: $2800

*Ivy has been bred to both Dash and Traveler with the hope of getting puppies from both sires. 

Puppies are expected to weigh 35-45lbs from Dash and 40-50lbs from Traveler. This litter should produce straight, medium and wavy coats that will very from dark to light cream.

NOTE: Reservations are kept in order of date the deposit has been received.

about our dogs

Our one-of-a-kind Doradoodle® is the hypo-allergenic version of the highly sought-after combination of the beloved Golden and Labrador Retriever breeds.  

We have partnered with our friends at Cottage Garden Goldadors (longstanding breeders of the original English Cream Goldador) to produce the perfect Doodle breed — the Doradoodle.®

The Goldadors from Cottage Garden are known for their beauty, intelligence, ease of training and captivating temperaments. Uniting this amazing breed with our Moyen Poodle line enhances the Goldador qualities with an added elegance!

Not Just Another Doodle Dog! ®

The perfect GOLDADOR doodle dog!

The idea of the Doradoodle® originated through my close working relationship as a trainer for Cottage Garden Goldadors and a love for the Goldador breed.  Goldadors are fun loving and great companions.  

Over the years, many families have voiced the desire for a Goldador with hypo-allergenic qualities…. you asked and we were listening!

Our standard is for the highest quality puppies possible.  So, we embarked on a 3-year journey of research and careful selection of the best puppies from our Goldador line as well as our apricot Moyen Poodle culminating in our 2021 introduction of the Doradoodle®!

We believe a strong genetic pedigree is vitally important – we also believe that environmental factors make a huge difference in health and longevity.  The right environment through the generations is crucial for lowering the incidence of cancer and many other diseases that plague dogs in America today. Your puppy will be the offspring of three generations of holistically raised moms.

Your Doradoodle® will be raised in a loving home nestled in the foothills of Clinch Mountain. 

~ what do our families have to say~

We had a wonderful experience with adopting our puppy Ruby (formerly “Sparkles”) from Doradoodles. We had just lost our 12 year old schnauzer/goldendoodle, Riley, and our anxious 2 year old cockapoo was lost and grief stricken without his best friend. Amy did a an amazing job listening to our needs as far as personality traits and qualities for our new puppy. We needed a confident puppy to help our cockapoo gain some confidence himself, much like our other dog had done for him. I also had hopes of training Ruby to be a therapy dog and needed a puppy with the right temperament and socialization for that. As you can see, it was a pretty tall order to fill! I can tell you, although we have only had Ruby for 2 months, she is the perfect dog for our family and Wesley, our cockapoo! Wesley is now willing to go outside without “his people” and even wanting to play ball again! This is something he hadn’t done since losing his best friend. Ruby is a happy, healthy, and very smart puppy! We have been working on therapy dog training and she is doing so well already. She picks up on commands very quickly and is eager to please. She has playful puppy energy, but once exercised is also content to relax on her bed by my side or in my lap. I would highly recommend Doradoodles for anyone looking for a healthy, socialized, well-rounded puppy with a breeder that is there to support you along the way, both before and after the adoption process!
                                                                                                                                          Josche Family Cincinnati, OH

The whole process of getting our puppy went smoothly. Amy is always very professional and is available to answer questions. Our puppy is adorable and is learning quickly. Our experience with Ridge Valley Doradoodles was very positive!

                                                                                                                                                      Jutze Family Cincinnati, OH

Amy at Doradoodles is very professional and helpful. She made me feel very confident in my selection of a wonderful, loveable puppy companion. I am very lucky to have one from the very first litter! The breed is extremely smart, learning very quickly. The vet told me she will get to about 50 pounds. Her coat has gotten slightly more apricot color as she grows. My puppy can be extremely active running and jumping on trails, even in the rain! She can also be well behaved and wait patiently for me to get up in the morning or just relax with me on the couch for awhile and watch TV. She also does a great job of alerting me to noises of concern. She sure loves the beef tendons, they are the greatest for the chewing stage. I am extremely happy and lucky to have stumbled upon this incredible breed!

                                                                                                                                                  Marshall Family Somerset, KY

Not Just Another Doodle Dog! ®